Raisin Rolls

INGREDIENTS: 2 cubes compressed yeast 0.6oz (or 2 pkgs of active dry yeast); 3 eggs; 1 ½ cup warm milk (100 °F); 6 tablespoon granulated sugar; 6 tablespoon all-purpose flour; 2 ½ lb all-purpose flour; 5 tablespoon oil; 1 pinch […]

Cremogema Cake

INGREDIENTS 3 eggs (egg whites beaten until stiff); 1 C. granulated sugar; 1C. powdered sugar for the hard sauce; 6 oz margarine; 2 C.  Cremogema; 1 C. all-purpose flour; 1 T. baking powder; 1 bottle of coconut milk. PREPARE Butter […]

Pizza Hut’s Cavatini Recipe

Pizza Hut sells “Stuffed Crust” pizza, with the outermost edge wrapped around a coil of mozzarella cheese; “Hand-Tossed,” more like traditional pizzeria crusts; “Thin ‘N Crispy”, a thin, crispy dough which was Pizza Hut’s original style; “Dippin’ Strips pizza”, a […]

Adonis Espresso Machine

Using the finest coffee beans, our passionate baristas prepare hand crafted espresso-based beverages using our elegant Adonis espresso machine. Manufactured by Victoria Arduino, makers of Italy’s iconic traditional espresso machines, the Adonis uses the latest innovative brewing technology to create […]


Whether you’re looking for a snack to take on the go or casually dining in with friends, our menu caters to all tastes with an assortment of classic and specialty beverages along with light food lover selections. Our food menu […]


Our food is designed by our Chef Al using non-GMO, wholesome ingredients. We offer you a choice of naturally delicious lunch and snacks which are fresh and nutritious. Enjoy your healthful lunch selection with either Salad, Panini Sandwich, Naan Pizza. […]


Breakfast is the most important meal of a day. So we offer our guests creative breakfast options including nutritious and hearty toast, pastries and bakeries. Enjoy our hot breakfast offering to go or stop in and relax before starting your […]