Kevin`s Packed Coffee


Price: $ 14.95

Specification: 12oz/340g

Product Description:

  • Kevin`s Café Espresso is created with only Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Fair Trade Coffee. Certified by multiple award winning coffee roasters Reunion Island, Oakville.
  • Kevin`s Café Gold is the medium roast; Kevin`s Café Black is the dark roast

Torani Syrup 

(Brown Sugar Cinnamon/Caramel Classic/Red Cheesecake/White Chocolate/Chocolate Milano /Cupcake/Hazelnut Classic/ Italian Eggnog /Peppermint /Red Raspberry /Vanilla /Sugar Free Caramel Classic /Sugar Free Chocolate/Sugar Free Hazelnut Classic/Sugar Free Raspberry Classic/Sugar Free Vanilla /Sugar Free White Chocolate)

Price: $ 12.95

Product Description:

  • The ingredients are all-natural, including pure cane sugar, purified water and real flavors
  • Great sampler pack to create a wide variety of beverages
  • Works well in lattes, mochas, cocktails, iced teas and iced coffees

Jimmy Bar! Clean Snack Bars

Price: $2.75

Specification: 1.6oz/45g

Product Description:

  • JimmyBars! are honest, all-natural, snack bars that are gluten and dairy-free, contain no preservatives, chemicals, or phony additives, and are downright delicious.
  • All boast the hearty, chewy, crispy splendor you crave without the cane syrup or tapioca maltodextrin.

KEWAZA Energy Ball 

(Dark Chocolate Coconut)

Price: $ 2.50

Specification: 40g

Product Description:

  • Kewaza is a blend of wholesome and delicious flavors packed with raw, simple, all-natural ingredients combined in a flavorful dance to give you the energy you need to move mountains!

KIND Healthy Snacks

(Cherry Cashew, Cinnamon Pecan, Nuts& Sea Salt)

Price: $2.50

Specification: 40g

Product Description:

  • KIND® snacks are made from whole nuts, fruits and whole grains.
  • It is a delicious way of getting your body essential nutrients like fiber, protein and antioxidants.


(Pomegranate Mint/Wintergreen)

Price: $2.00

Specification: 9 Pieces

Product Description:

  • PUR Gum is a naturally sweetened chewing gun offering the highest quality ingredients and great-tasting flavors.
  • The ingredients are aspartame-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, nut-free and vegan.


Price: $2.25

Specification: 40g

Product Description:

  • Healthy snacking is another way to help you get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and feel energized.
  • The ingredients are all-natural, gluten-free, dairy free, nut and peanut-free, organically sweetened, sans gluten, non-GMO, very high in fibre.